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Why Consider An MLM Mentor

best mlm coachAlthough MLM mentors can fill any number of different roles, all mentors have the same goal in common – to help someone achieve their potential and discover their strengths.

Potential successful business owners need assistance from others who have an intimate knowledge of how a business works.

Many new small business owners will try to get that information from business books and classes.  While this approach may be helpful on its own, it can be even more beneficial alongside a business mentoring.

An established business owner can provide a business mentoring relationship with one-on-one advice and boost morale.

I’ve hired a blogging coach in the past.  Can I say: best investment ever?  ‘Cause check it out:

The Sole Purpose Of Hiring An MLM Coach

Is to shorten the learning curve and substantially speed up the time it takes to smash your through your prior business barriers.

A mentor’s goal is to share those business experiences, promote self-esteem and help find ways to achieve a successful business and provide new ideas.

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Hey, it’s Jason.  I wanna talk about blogging today.  That okay with you?  Perfect!

Blogging has come a long way from its earliest writings of online journal entries of individuals.  Blogs are spreading rapidly on the web at a time when consumers and businesses are turning increasingly to online sources for their information.

Of course, political bloggers have staff-written blogs on their campaign websites.  In the meantime, traditional businesses are struggling to figure out how to leverage the use of blogging in a way that will enhance and improve their business.

The key indicators for financial success in the blogging business turns out to be exactly the same as it would for any new media channel – understanding the audience and engaging them with quality content, then connecting the audience with advertisers who want to reach those readers.  The content has to be interesting, compelling, and serve a niche if it’s going to succeed.

For example, I came across a blog called The WordPress Millionaire a couple weeks back.  I was researching the best cheap hosting for a new WordPress blog and I Google searched something like SiteGround coupon code.  Guess where I landed?  Yep, on that dude’s blog… and it was so unusual, so unorthodox compared to everything else you see.

Not only did he hook me up with the promo code, but he gave an honest review and showed me how to get started with my new WordPress blog — and even had a nice little video introduction welcoming me to the page:

But here’s the thing:

The twist is that blogs, with their flexibility and relatively low startup and production costs, make it easier for everyone to understand the publishing process.  Audience connection is the key.  Whether it’s the latest commentary on the political scene, or latest consumer electronics, the blogs with the highest authority, as measured by the number of other sites linking to them, combine a consistent editorial voice with plenty of opportunity to draw in readers eager to join the conversation.

This “WordPress Millionaire” cat?  Definitely did all that, and then some.

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First off I would like to ask you…  How would it be if you were able to generate 10-20 free MLM leads each and every day for your MLM Business?

Well today is your lucky day, because I’m going to share with you exactly how to Generate free leads for your MLM through Youtube Marketing.

Pay close attention to every last step below because missing even one step will dramatically decrease your results and your ability to generate free leads for your MLM.

For the sake of this example, let’s say you’re promoting Isagenix.  Cool.  So, specific to MLMs… you can really target two types of people: 1, those who’re searching for Isagenix’s health and nutrition products and 2, those who’re interested in becoming an Isagenix rep (distributor, whatever they’re called, haha).

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Listen up, lead generator.  Today’s talk is on how to build your laptop business with what I like to call the three p’s of success: purpose, passion and protection.

I’ll get right into it.

Every family deserves to live with dignity and purpose.  We want to make it past Friday, past the end of the month and into the future.  Special things happen when we take stock and explore real possibilities.  Explore and do your research to find unbiased information to give you the best shot at making connections and finding opportunities.

Thanks to medical technology and our individual efforts, we will likely make it into our 80’s and for many of us, well beyond.  The longevity bonus creates challenges and opportunities for businesses and in the workplace.  Many are exploring new possibilities and pursuing different career paths driven by necessity or desire.   The real possibility is seen in revitalizing the marketplace, spurring new industries in housing, transportation and health care.  It’s about creating economic growth and expanding opportunity for all of us.  Companies have discovered the value and competitive advantages of having experienced workers.

Involvement in your community is the key.  It can contribute by helping preserve fair utility rates, fight consumer fraud and ensure the right to vote.  Real possibilities exist in finding responsible solutions to the challenge of keeping our nation’s promise and help redress the inequities that leave too many of us struggling.

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So today I wanted to do something a little different.  I asked one of my employees — a content producer and social media manager — to chip in and give her perspective on our digital blogging business.  This growing empire scoops up nearly 100 leads daily, all organically, from simple looking blogs just like Qrip.org… and always from free search engine traffic.  (Thanks Google!)  I wanted to see how well my team understood how their individual functions play into the overall picture.  Susie accepted my challenge.  So today, from answering to a boss half her ago (LOL) to her thoughts on blogging to building the right team, and how to keep the troops motivated, here’s what my rock star web assistant had to say…

Communication Is Key

If you’re approaching that mid-life age, odds are you may very well have a younger boss.  The new office manager in charge is now well over a decade younger than you.  Most employees have been down this road before.  This generation plays a bigger role in the workplace today than ever before as many people delay retirement and work well beyond retirement age.  How do you make it work?

It comes down to a question of attitude and age becomes irrelevant if you know how to be collaborative.  As we get older we need to let go of our need to prove to the world that we know it all and begin to recognize that everyone has something to offer.  It can be challenging to take orders and follow rules from someone who is the age of your own children.  Following a few rules of thumb could make it work easier than what you might think.

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What can an offline billionaire teach you about online lead generation?  More than you’d think.

See, my philosophy on getting more leads and sales in network marketing or affiliate marketing is very different than Mr. Guru’s.  I say: the hell with studying online marketing best practices.  You don’t need ’em.  I’m sorta like the stubborn (but healthy and savvy) old man I’m about to talk about — very set in my ways.  And my way?  Is to go outside of our industry and learn from the best of the best in as many different areas of business as I possibly can.  I want to study the intangibles, habits and mindset of actors, athletes, celebrities, CEOs, real estate moguls, inventors, philanthropists, religious leaders, etc.  You name it — if they were incredibly successful, I wanna know their secrets.  So let’s look at the story of Forbes’ #577 on the ol’ billionaire list.  Yep, with a “B.”  Get your game up!

billionaire-lead-generatorAbout Billionaire David Murdock

David Murdock is a 90 year-old billionaire businessman.  He is a self-made real estate titan who chairs the Board of Dole Food Company.  He purchased his first business, a Detroit diner, at the age of 22 with $1,200.00 borrowed money and sold it eighteen months later for a $700.00 profit.  After a lifetime of buying, building and selling his net worth is estimated at over two billion dollars.  He believes anyone who wants to live past 100 can do it.

Murdock had an unusual life of losses in his family.  His mother died of cancer at the age of 42 and two of his three children died before they reached the age of 40.  Two of his siblings died in their 60’s.  His third wife and mother of his children died of ovarian cancer at the age of 43.  These tragic losses have not dimmed his hopes of living longer and living well.  When his first wife died he couldn’t work for a year; then later on it was his middle son and a year later another son.

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habits for mlm folkDear future network marketing top earner,

Hey, it’s Michael.  So check it out: I just finished “The Power Of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.  Man, it was intense!  Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read.  I think that this subject — habits — is the single most important concept to understand if you wanna be on that stage, strutting across it, carrying a check as big as you are.

I took copious notes on this one.  While I encourage you to read the book yourself, you should be able to learn a LOT from my notes.  Here goes.  Enjoy!  And when you get all the way through this MONSTER book review, be sure to opt-in here to learn more about how we’re using simple routines to absolutely annihilate our own little sector of the internet.

Keystone Habits – Which Habits Matter Most

1) Alcoa hired Paul O’Neill back in April of 1987 as chief executive who made this company one of the safest companies.  O’Neill knew that a company was only as strong as its employees.  And Alcoa was having a problem with worker injuries.  So from day one, he pushed to reduce accidents at the aluminum maker’s factories. O’Neill was laying the groundwork for big changes.  He intended to demand perfection, or near it, throughout Alcoa’s manufacturing process. His first step was setting safety goals that seemed unrealistically high. Reducing accidents would test Alcoa’s ability to meet goals, he believed.  Starting with worker safety, O’Neill ratcheted up standards company-wide.  He also put a shine on the metal giant’s financials, presiding over Alcoa’s greatest growth. When O’Neill arrived at Alcoa in 1987, he wasn’t very familiar with producing aluminum. So he took it upon himself to become an expert.

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Affiliate marketing is an area of online marketing and entrepreneurship that can be very lucrative, IF you do it correctly. However it will take time to get your site ranked high enough to drive in the traffic needed.  For this reason, lead generation can take a good 60-90 days to take place for the new affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is very niche specialized. Meaning that you will have to hone down your niche to a very, VERY specific market to make it. And you’re going to have to put out a lot of content to get this done.

To begin, you are going to need to pick your niche. Start with something you love, and narrow it down. Do you like dogs? Great. Pick the specific breed you like most. Chow-Chow sound good? Fantastic. Write about anything and everything to do with a Chow-Chow. Give tips, discuss various attributes of the breed, whatever you can think of that will give value to your reader. Then, slowly begin adding affiliate links to your site. Recommend specific dog foods that are best for your breed, shampoos, toys, etc. That is how you will make your money.

Affiliate marketing basically cannot be done without a site. You absolutely must have a website to house your content to get this accomplished. Written content is probably going to be your most valuable asset at this time.

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Just a quick note to say what’s up, welcome, and thank you for swinging by the new bog.

Qrip.org will become the go-to place for network marketers who want targeted leads that are easy to get and hungry to buy.

By the way, the domain?  Don’t ask.  It’s a long story.  Just know this: I used it to have an unfair advantage over my online competitors.  (Stealth traffic tip I’ll teach you about in the future.)

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