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Affiliate Marketing Like A Boss

Affiliate marketing is an area of online marketing and entrepreneurship that can be very lucrative, IF you do it correctly. However it will take time to get your site ranked high enough to drive in the traffic needed.  For this reason, lead generation can take a good 60-90 days to take place for the new affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is very niche specialized. Meaning that you will have to hone down your niche to a very, VERY specific market to make it. And you’re going to have to put out a lot of content to get this done.

To begin, you are going to need to pick your niche. Start with something you love, and narrow it down. Do you like dogs? Great. Pick the specific breed you like most. Chow-Chow sound good? Fantastic. Write about anything and everything to do with a Chow-Chow. Give tips, discuss various attributes of the breed, whatever you can think of that will give value to your reader. Then, slowly begin adding affiliate links to your site. Recommend specific dog foods that are best for your breed, shampoos, toys, etc. That is how you will make your money.

Affiliate marketing basically cannot be done without a site. You absolutely must have a website to house your content to get this accomplished. Written content is probably going to be your most valuable asset at this time.

Written content is great for search engine traffic. You can use very niche specific keywords, and get some high rankings in search results fairly easily using this method. Add content to your site as often as possible.

Many affiliate marketing programs say that you absolutely should add content to your site daily starting out. Let’s be realistic though, and realize that if you go from no content to doing content every single day, you are going to burn yourself out. It’s inevitable.

Don’t forget about videos though. Videos are fantastic for content and for affiliate marketing. They make you more relatable, because we can see who you are, how you talk, etc.

Videos are also great for search results. Google likes to put videos high up in search results, if they are related to the search term. People often prefer to watch a short video clip rather than spend time reading a long article.

If you do it correctly, affiliate marketing shouldn’t really cost you much money to start up. You’ll basically have your cost to cover your domain name and hosting for your site, and that is about it. Because, your main source of traffic is going to be organic search results. And those are free.

Just do your research, make sure you provide value, and keep in mind that content is king. If you keep these few things at the forefront of your affiliate marketing endeavor, you will be just fine.

Boss Tips

  1. Find your trademark.  Your unique style.  What’s the one unusual thing your website will be known for?
  2. You’re in the people business, not the affiliate marketing (or writing for Google) business.  Never forget that.
  3. Spend just as much time reading, studying, learning and reverse engineering competitors as you do blogging.
  4. Be patient.  What’s three months in the grand scheme of things?  Just a blip on your radar of life.  Hang in there.  It ain’t gonna happen overnight.
  5. Find a mentor.  There’s no such thing as “self-made.”  More like “mentor-made.”  Every great achiever has had numerous coaches, mentors, advisors, plus family and friends who’ve collectively contributed to said individual’s success.  My question is: who’s YOURS?

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