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WordPress Blogging Is The Present And The Future

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Hey, it’s Jason.  I wanna talk about blogging today.  That okay with you?  Perfect!

Blogging has come a long way from its earliest writings of online journal entries of individuals.  Blogs are spreading rapidly on the web at a time when consumers and businesses are turning increasingly to online sources for their information.

Of course, political bloggers have staff-written blogs on their campaign websites.  In the meantime, traditional businesses are struggling to figure out how to leverage the use of blogging in a way that will enhance and improve their business.

The key indicators for financial success in the blogging business turns out to be exactly the same as it would for any new media channel – understanding the audience and engaging them with quality content, then connecting the audience with advertisers who want to reach those readers.  The content has to be interesting, compelling, and serve a niche if it’s going to succeed.

For example, I came across a blog called The WordPress Millionaire a couple weeks back.  I was researching the best cheap hosting for a new WordPress blog and I Google searched something like SiteGround coupon code.  Guess where I landed?  Yep, on that dude’s blog… and it was so unusual, so unorthodox compared to everything else you see.

Not only did he hook me up with the promo code, but he gave an honest review and showed me how to get started with my new WordPress blog — and even had a nice little video introduction welcoming me to the page:

But here’s the thing:

The twist is that blogs, with their flexibility and relatively low startup and production costs, make it easier for everyone to understand the publishing process.  Audience connection is the key.  Whether it’s the latest commentary on the political scene, or latest consumer electronics, the blogs with the highest authority, as measured by the number of other sites linking to them, combine a consistent editorial voice with plenty of opportunity to draw in readers eager to join the conversation.

This “WordPress Millionaire” cat?  Definitely did all that, and then some.

Bloggers with the best reputation ranking get better visibility on their site.   There are webs that can make it easier to understand and engage but they are useless if the content itself fails to lure in readers.  Audience connection and rating is all about who has the best content and it has to be good, creative, interesting and it has to have an edge.  The best content is going to win.

There is a real time saving value in going to a blog you trust and knowing that all the most recent news on a particular interest will be covered.  Blogs let you cover something in depth on a daily or even an hourly basis and provides an ability to connect advertisers with readers who identify with a site’s unique focus which gives it a major appeal.  Blog readers identify strongly with a few key blogs.  It can take advertisers a while to become comfortable with new blogs, but it is the blogger’s unique personal relationship with his or her readers that make advertisers really excited about advertising on blogs.  A business blogger can help provide their readers with more value by simplifying the process of acquiring managed content.  With all the content available on the web the need for branded editorial content becomes even more valuable and many believe that digital media will someday be the main source for information.  And that’s why lead generation on the internet is like clockwork if you do it right.

Consolidation of crowded blogging seems inevitable due to simple economics.  When the economy takes a downturn, bloggers who may have been able to make a modest living through ad sales on their sites may no longer be able to cover costs or attract advertisers.  Those sites may lose out or be acquired by a traditional media company who sees the blogger’s content as a fit for their readership.  Another emerging strategy is the growth of blog networks, where smaller sites with similar or complementary content band together to appeal to advertisers and readers as it takes a lot of effort for advertisers to engage in relationships with small sites.   Content is valuable and a smart person created it who should get paid for it.  But different bloggers have different motivations for their writing and may be more interested in exposure than they are in rights management.

A blog needs to be set up on the right platform such as WordPress platform.  A blogger must have the desire to create blogs that will inspire or help other people.  It is also a benefit and practically a necessity to have a good mentor on board to assist you; a mentor who has already been successful in blogging.  It may be difficult to maintain a blog if you do not have these in place.  The incorrect platform may result in problems such as creating sharing buttons for social media or getting traffic from search engines which may be more difficult or impossible.

If you don’t have a desire to help or inspire others and you post about yourself people will pick up on that.   Without a mentor you may get stuck and a mentor has the knowledge and experience to help you move forward and make your blog better.  The majority of successful bloggers have mentors.


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