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On Building A Business With Purpose, Passion, Protection

Listen up, lead generator.  Today’s talk is on how to build your laptop business with what I like to call the three p’s of success: purpose, passion and protection.

I’ll get right into it.

Every family deserves to live with dignity and purpose.  We want to make it past Friday, past the end of the month and into the future.  Special things happen when we take stock and explore real possibilities.  Explore and do your research to find unbiased information to give you the best shot at making connections and finding opportunities.

Thanks to medical technology and our individual efforts, we will likely make it into our 80’s and for many of us, well beyond.  The longevity bonus creates challenges and opportunities for businesses and in the workplace.  Many are exploring new possibilities and pursuing different career paths driven by necessity or desire.   The real possibility is seen in revitalizing the marketplace, spurring new industries in housing, transportation and health care.  It’s about creating economic growth and expanding opportunity for all of us.  Companies have discovered the value and competitive advantages of having experienced workers.

Involvement in your community is the key.  It can contribute by helping preserve fair utility rates, fight consumer fraud and ensure the right to vote.  Real possibilities exist in finding responsible solutions to the challenge of keeping our nation’s promise and help redress the inequities that leave too many of us struggling.

There may be people who will try to stand in your way of being successful.  But it is often more about them than about you.  Learning this early on will help you believe in yourself.  So what if you bomb, you learn from it and pick yourself up and try to figure out what went wrong and you move on.  There are real possibilities out there and your innermost dreams can be realized.  You can run your own race and keep you eyes focused straight ahead with no distractions from others.  When you accept that you have a real possibility of making a difference or moving forward with another opportunity you will open up to that enthusiasm.

Keep your brain running at full speed.  If you are considering thinking about changing jobs, starting your own business or managing your current career, explore your possibilities and find the resources you need to support your professional journey, including tools grounded in expert research.  We all have the opportunity for new possibilities whether it be in our daily lives or moving onto another career opportunity.  Or investing in another business.

But Beware Of Bad Business Deals

For many of us, investing involves suspending logic and common sense when presented with some of the worst investments and financial products we can sink our money into.  Investing in the stock market is risky.  You want some investments that substantially gain when the stock market is down.  These alternative investments include long and short equity funds, market-neutral funds, managed-futures funds, nontraditional bond funds, foreign-currency funds and bear market funds.  Many of these are private investments telemarketed from call centers, which is always a warning sign.  Others have gone mainstream and offered through mutual funds sold by brokerage houses and investment advisers.  Typically, these do indeed deliver performance unrelated to the overall market, but, unfortunately, that performance is typically terrible.  Studies have shown that alternative mutual funds typically lose two percent annually.  Many of these funds have zero expected return before costs.  Gambling your savings in Las Vegas is also unrelated to how the market performs but that doesn’t make it a good strategy.

The majority of vacationers at one time or another have been hit with the time-share opportunity presentation.  They offer you a stay at a resort for an incredible price and all you have to do is spend 90 minutes in a presentation about the resort’s ownership program.  You watch a promotional video, tour the property then get the pitch.  For $20,000.00 you can invest in a lifetime of week-long vacations.  Sounds too good to resist.  But if you do resist you can prepare for a hard time getting away.  They want you to commit before you leave and have time to do the math.  The $20,000.00 purchase can translate to more than a million dollars per unit if all 52 weeks are sold.  The unit itself may only be worth $200,000.00 and it’s a money pit of recurring fees.  The average maintenance costs are over $800.00.  The majority of time-share owners can’t even come close to selling their units for anything approaching what they paid.  Most owners are just looking to get out of the maintenance obligations they purchased.  You are much better off getting a hotel.

Equity indexed annuities or fixed indexed annuities are sold with a promise to link returns to stock market gains, without risk, and further promises you won’t lose a cent in the market.  It is one of the most complex financial products.  It is not to be confused with a traditional immediate annuity which is a simple and relatively safe way of converting a portion of your savings into retirement income.  Be sure to read the fine print and use common sense as the guarantees are mostly illusion.  There is no way an insurance company can take your money, pay the planner a commission, invest the rest mostly in conservative bonds and still provide you market returns without a risk.

Be skeptical of oil drilling partnerships from telemarketers offering 20 to 30 percent annual cash return that could last for 30 years.  They will solicit they have room for a limited number of high-quality partners in a new drilling project.  Some are these are outright scams and some are legitimate oil companies with real drilling operations which they can easily prove.  They wouldn’t need to pay telemarketers to cold-call if the company has been producing 20 percent annual returns, its current investors would be putting money into new partnerships.  If the company has that great a track record it can easily get one large investor to fund the whole operation.

There’s no such thing as high returns with little or no risk.  The best investment opportunities typically go to institutional investors.  Be aware of complex terms producing hundreds of pages of technical and legal disclosures you are required to sign saying you have read it and understand it.  Good investments are easy to grasp.  Another red flag is an investment opportunity that is available for only a short period of time.  Typically the salesperson doesn’t want you to think it over or have time to further investigate.  Be cautious of fancy language in an investment such as structured, managed, deferred, derivative or collateralized, as well as strange calls to accept a free-lunch educational seminar.

If a telemarketer or broker calls offering any of these investments you need to hang up.  It’s easy to think that we would never fall for the cold-call pitches but be aware of these bad investments and financial products. Avoid on the spot commitments and follow-up on your research before you invest.  When in doubt, just stick to what we do.  It’s proven and extremely safe, as you’re the one calling all the shots.

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